Meet Mickey Spiggot!

Mickey Spiggot Enterprises_Andrew Tong For my new project „Croydon Loves You“ I returned to my British roots, so to speak. I dive into the life of an acclaimed British author, CEO of Budgie Entertainments, CEO of Budgie Publishing, record producer, and stuntman… Meet Croydon’s very own “Mickey Spiggot”! His persona is a montage of various characters I have encountered while growing up during the 1970s and 80s in South London. An affectionate if somewhat dodgy focus on that time of my life, every book and record cover contains reflections of my own life like the pieces of a puzzle.

But lets start from the beginning… Michael Neville Spiggot was born on 6th August 1951 in the London suburb of Croydon to Gladys and Ernie Spiggot. From an early age Mickey loved to be in the lime light and entertain people. His doting overbearing mother Gladys took it upon herself to enter him into every creative writing competition and shuffle him off to every audition and talent contest she could find. In her eyes he was a star… while in fact he was quite talentless. In 1959 renowned comedian and gambler Sid James who was a guest  judge at a talent contest at Butlins holiday camp in Brighton described little Mickeys interpretation of Elvis’s Blue Suede Shoes as complete shite.

However, all was not lost. As Mickey grew older it became apparent that his talent was in other avenues. Welcome to Mickey Spiggot Enterprises…