Introducing a bit of Mickey Spiggot’s Family History: Cads & Scoundrels Magazine 1938

Cads_and_Scoundrels_Magazine_Andrew Tong_relaxing with a good readA very rare copy of Cads and Scoundrels Monthly (1938). The front cover is of Ronald “Biffo” Spiggot. He blew the family fortune on wine, women and song, more wine and song than women actually, as he changed his name to Margaret in 1949 and moved to Brighton…

About the process of bringing Mickey Spiggot’s family to life…
I was flicking through files of knitting patterns I had collected, they are a wonderful source of material complimenting superbly with the design I wanted to put together, a very upper class monthly pictorial from the 1930s which I’ve had stuck in my mind for a while now. After finding the right chap I used the Manga graphics program to manipulate the image and compose the planned layout. I then print the cover onto high quality photographic paper and used the print to produce a mock-up of the actual magazine. After distressing the piece to make it look like the magazine was eighty years old it’s now ready for framing.  Cads_and_Scoundrels_Magazine_Andrew Tong_work in progress Cads_and_Scoundrels_framed_Andrew Tong

“Cads and Scoundrels Monthly (1938)”

Museum-quality framing and matting, finished artwork comes in a black or mahogany frame, 42×52 cm, €250 plus shipping. Also available as print only €100 and framed print €125 (plus shipping). Please email with questions and purchase inquiries. More about Andrew Tong Art

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