Budgie Records celebrates The Who’s 50th anniversary with these two fantastic Susan Boyle tribute albums

Susan Boyle “A Tribute to The Who”

Susan Boyle Who Tribute Album_Andrew Tong ArtBudgie Records had the great privilege of being lent Susan Boyle for the day to record this magnificent if mildly disturbing tribute to The Who commemorating their 50th anniversary. A superb follow-up to her earlier Ian Dury And The Blockheads tribute album “Odd Socks And Sandals”. Both albums were released on vinyl, on CD and on bail.

Susan Boyle’s “Who’s Boyle”

Who's Boyle_Album_Andrew Tong ArtSusan Boyle’s first tribute album to The Who was so successful upon release, that Budgie Records had her record volume two “Who’s Boyle” the following weekend.
This is the rare and controversial cover with the airbrushed poo. Our ex-graphic designer Graham airbrushed it in for a laugh. No-one noticed until it was too late, it had to be immediately withdrawn from the market as Ms. Boyle threatened to sue for defecation of character…

Please email with questions and purchase inquiries. More about Andrew Tong Art

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