Mickey Spiggot’s Budgie Publishing Presents: Zoo in my flat by Billy Smalls

Zoo in my flat_Bills Smalls_brown-Andrew Tong Art Another great read from Budgie Publishing, and still available: Zoo In My Flat, first published in 1981.

Insecure Croydon naturalist Billy Smalls shares his unique experiences of cramming as many dangerous animals into his council flat as possible. This is an hilarious journey into the life of a man who lived for his animals and whose animals eventually lived off him… they ate Billy about a week after the book was published.

The foreword was written by TVs Mike Reid who first met Billy through answering an ad Billy had placed in The Exchange And Mart selling a pair of baby Malaysian fighting squirrels. Mike says “Me and Billy became good mates, he knew a lot about exotic fighting squirrels. But not a lot about tigers it seems… RIP Billy”.

Zoo in my flat_Billy Smalls_Andrew Tong Art_whiteThis is the post-being-eaten-by-a-tiger edition from 1982 including photos of his beloved pet spiders on the cover and an obituary by Mike Reid and Freddie Starr.

To own a piece of British history, purchase your book now! Each book mock-up is lovingly crafted by hand with a book cover complete with authentic worn-out look and coffee stains. Cigarette burns cost extra… (Finished artwork comes in a black frame, size 42×52 cm.) Please email with questions and purchase inquiries. More about Andrew Tong Art