Mickey Spiggot’s Budgie Heritage Series: Cunts of Croydon

Cunts of Croydon by Mickey SpiggotMickey Spiggot is the founder and CEO of Budgie Publishing, which he believes to be the best way to publish his own works. Writing has always been one of his favourite past times (right up there with borrowing money).

Here Mickey Spiggot writes briefly of being an author and about his book “Cunts of Croydon”:

“I am an accomplished author with over 300 books under my belt. Everything from local history to erotic crime thrillers and pet care. In fact, I am believed to be Croydon’s most prolific author. Pictured is a copy of Cunts of Croydon. Writing this book has been a very personal journey for me as I come from a very long line of Croydon cunts. The Spiggots have made the lives of other Croydonians miserable for countless generations. So I have always wanted to write about the rich history of why so many cunts just love living in Croydon. In fact, Croydon is well-known for its over-abundance of cunts.
I have traced their beginnings from the Norman conquest unfolding through many generations to modern times. This epic volume contains many in-depth interviews such as with George Sriggs, Britain’s only recipient of Germany’s Iron Cross during World War 2.”

This volume has been out of print since 1983. But Mickey recently found a stack of them in a black bin bag underneath his stepdad’s old caravan in Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey. A bit worse for wear but an integral part of our heritage.

To own a piece of British history, purchase your book now! Each book is lovingly crafted by hand with a mock-up book cover complete with authentic worn-out look and coffee stains. Cigarette burns cost extra… (Finished artwork comes framed.)

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