oil painting portrait lady araneae with spider hat

Work in progress: Digital goes Painty

I have been away from painting for a while because I really enjoyed putting together the prints for the portraits of zombies, vampires and other strange creatures. These were done as digital collages, once finished I printed them and hand-finished them as over-sized cabinet cards before framing. So I thought I would try to paint some of them as well.

The first two I selected are “Lady Araneae” and “Peter”. All my artwork is quite colorful, so the feel of the imagery is quite different from the black and white digital originals. Halfway into painting these portraits I realized again why I enjoyed creating the originals digitally – I did not have to actually paint the faces. I just altered an existing photograph. So painting is them is a lot more work intensive. So here I am painting lots of hairs… not just on their heads also on the spiders’ legs. Little tiny hairs. Oh so many little tiny hairs… aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!