Unofficial favorite day of the year: Halloween

work-in-progress_lydia_vampire_andrew-tong-artPeople who know me have realized long ago that I like the eerie and macabre. With Halloween just around the corner, I felt inspired to continue my elegant Vampire Ladies – all good things come in threes – and I have just completed Lydia. I think she turned out great, mysterious and dangerous at the same time.

After completing the digital artwork yesterday, which included spending a lot of time on the layers to create the details of her face making her complexion look almost translucent and ancient.

Here you can see the first prints I prepared to be distressed and glazed. Then the finished prints are positioned onto the handmade mounts and framed.

Lydia will be up for sale very shortly. Just in time for Halloween. Contact me if you are interested in having Lydia at your home.

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