A proper English-man by nature I haven’t actually lived on an island for more than twenty-five years. With a 20 year stop-over in Vancouver, Canada I am now living in Jena, Germany. A small big city with an easy-going lifestyle and personable people that suit me just fine. It is a great place to bring up kids and has enough English-speaking residents so I can get around this learning German business for a little while longer (Wunderbar!).

I have always drawn right from an early age. Monsters, fantastical things, animals, portraits, quite a range of imagery over the years. But I have always preferred the slightly odd over the mundane. While my favourite medium is oil, I have also discovered the digital world for drawing. And with my perfectionistic, exceedingly detailed way of drawing I am intrigued by the opportunity to again and again and again being able to go over a picture without damaging the surface.

Ramona, Technical Support
My wife Ramona has provided me with tons of practical advice not only for building websites, writing newsletters and dealing with computer problems over the years. She has also nudged me along a great deal when I really needed it. If she is not helping me, she likes to blog at mehrlebenskunst about yoga, nature and life at large. As a wise white-blue touristy souvenir tile once read: Happiness is being married to a German.

Max, Creative Director
All my kids’ artwork has been Max-approved. Not only has my son been my biggest inspiration to draw more kids stuff. We also have regular doodling sessions together and some of his fantastical creatures I have re-drawn and adapted. He told me a little while ago: Dad, you might be able to better draw than me, but I have more imagination than you do. I do not doubt this for one second, while I am listening to his one-person battle conversations going on in the next room.

Red Paw Family Dog

Red Paw, Office Dog
I have always wanted a dog. But I have lived in city flats my entire life. Since a two bedroom on the second floor right downtown is not the best place for a dog, I was more than willing to welcome “Red Paw” into our little family. My wife discovered him at a Christmas craft show and we fell in love with him at first sight. He now keeps the dust mice at bay.