The Mickey Spiggot Project #2


Mickey Spiggot” is a fictious persona I created from a montage of various characters I have encountered while growing up during the 1970s and 80s in South London. An affectionate if somewhat dodgy focus on that time of my life, every book and record cover contains reflections of my own life like the pieces of a puzzle.

The next step was to turn Mickey Spiggot’s book and record covers into three dimensional art pieces by using distressing techniques I had acquired as decorative artist where I had to make new things look old and worn. I have been enjoying the making of these books immensely. Right down to creating the perfect price tag (for the pictured piece the Woolworth tag, the shop has closed down a while ago, but used to sell bargain-priced books). And yes, these are real tea stains.

Mickey  Spiggot_Great British Council Flats_in progressCads_and_Scoundrels_Magazine_Andrew Tong_relaxing with a good read

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