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The Dwarf Pink Treelephant


Original Artwork

Silverpoint and ink on gessoed board
Image Size: 18 x 14 cm
Framed Size: 25 x 31 cm
Comes in hand-finished, ornate frame. Artwork is framed, matted and ready to hang.
Andrew Tong Art does not charge value added tax according to German tax law (§19 UStG Kleinunternehmerregelung).



I created this artwork with silverpoint and ink on a gessoed board. The piece shows the Dwarf Pink Treelephant, which is one of the fantastic creatures living on the Island of Stumbly-Boo. The Treelephant is quite small, about the size of a Splot. They like to spend their days hanging from random trees. But the strange thing is that no-one has ever seen one climb up or for that matter climb down from a tree. The Treelephant just hangs from a branch with his little trunk.

We think they wait until no-one is looking before going up and down the tree. Or there is another elephant helping them up and down when no-one is looking. Who is to know…

Do you like the Dwarf Pink Treelephant?

You can order your own print or purchase the original artwork of the Dwarf Pink Treelephant today. The artwork comes matted in a hand-finished, decorative frame and is ready to hang. Are you interested in reading more about the other fantastic creatures of Stumbly-Boo? Then meet the Plummet or the Mermoids

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