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Flutter Fang


Original Artwork

Acrylics on board
Image Size: 20 x 24 cm
Framed Size: 32 x 38 cm
Artwork comes in a hand-finished frame and is ready to hang.
Andrew Tong Art does not charge value added tax according to German tax law (§19 UStG Kleinunternehmerregelung).



I created the original artwork of tiny dragon Flutter Fang with acrylic paints on board.

The Flutter Fang is a small species of dragon about the size of a common sparrow. They are very tame and seem to like the company of people, quite happily sitting on your hand and letting you stroke them. A tiny dragon is very handy to have around in the wilderness, when you need to light your camp fire. All you have to do is put them close to your kindling and give the dragon a little squeeze. A small flame will pop out of the mouth and light the fire. Great for those cold and frosty nights or cooking a hot delicious meal.

Do you like the Flutter Fang?

You can purchase the original artwork Flutter Fang today. The artwork comes in a hand-finished frame and is ready to hang. This artwork is also available as pencil drawing and as black-and-white print.

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