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Doodoo Bird


Original Artwork
Oil on board
Image Size: 12 x 16 cm
Framed Size: 26 x 30 cm
Comes in copper-green-coloured ornate frame.

Artwork is framed, matted and ready to hang.



This is a oil painting of a Doodoo bird. You wonder what that is? Well, it is like a Dodo but twice the size hence the name Doodoo. Twice as many “O’s”, you see. The Doodoo can not fly but is an exceedingly good hopper, though.

The Doodoo bird lives on the island of Stumbly-Boo. A land so far far away it is still far away when you are actually there.

This oil painting is part of a book project “The island of Stumbly-Boo” that I am writing and illustrating. In the book, the explorer Edward Summersby records a journal of discovery on Stumbly-Boo island with its amazing wildlife.

This oil painting of a Doodoo bird comes in an individually hand-painted and finished frame. I used an exceedingly tiny brush for all the bird feathers.


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