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The Honeyphant


Original Artwork

Acrylic on gessoed board
Image Size: 18 x 14 cm
Framed Size: 25 x 31 cm
Comes in ornate frame. Artwork is framed, matted and ready to hang.
Andrew Tong Art does not charge value added tax according to German tax law (§19 UStG Kleinunternehmerregelung).



I created this artwork with acrylic paints on a gessoed board. The painting shows the Honeyphant, which is one of the fantastic creatures living on the Island of Stumbly-Boo. There, you can usually find them where many flowers grow. The Honeyphant is about the size of a mouse and has beautifully coloured fur, which I painted using a very tiny brush with very few hairs. Honeyphants like to spend their days flying about looking for all things sweet. In my blogpost you can read more about where they find their most favourite treat and how to use their sweet tooth to attract this tiny creature to come up really close.

Do you like the Honeyphant?

You can purchase the original painting of the Honeyphant today. The artwork comes matted in a hand-finished, decorative frame and is ready to hang. Are you interested in reading more about the Honeyphant or the other fantastic creatures of Stumbly-Boo? Then meet the Plummet or the Mermoids

This Honeyphant is also available as print in three different variations.

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