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The Honeyphant 2


Original Artwork
Pencil on Bristol paper
Image Size: 15 x 19 cm
Framed Size: 27 x 37 cm

Artwork is matted, comes in a black frame and is ready to hang.

As small entrepreneur Andrew Tong Art does not charge value added tax according to the German tax law (§19 UStG Kleinunternehmerregelung).



The Honeyphant 2

This piece has been drawn with pencil on Bristol paper.

This small creature likes nothing more than sweet things, especially the very special honey from the nests of the Bumble Bears. How do they get their little trunks full of that good stuff you wonder? Read more about it here

Many of my artworks have their own story. Have you ever heard of the Flutter Fang or the Plummet? They have one thing in common – being fantastic creatures living on Stumbly-Boo. Find out more in my blog

Do you have any questions about the Honeyphant 2? Contact me anytime.

This artwork is also available as print.

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