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The Plummet


Original Artwork

Pen and ink on acid free 250g Bristol paper
Image Size: 19 x 27 cm
Framed Size: 38 x 48 cm
Comes in black ornate frame. Artwork is framed, matted and ready to hang.
Andrew Tong does not charge value added tax according to German tax law (§19 UStG Kleinunternehmerregelung).



On this pen and ink drawing you can see a Plummet. They are happy little fellows and one of the many, strange species that call the island of Stumbly-Boo their home. A land so far far away it is still far away when you are actually there.

This drawing is part of my book project “The island of Stumbly Boo” that I am writing and illustrating. In the book the explorer Edward Summersby records a journal of discovery on Stumbly Boo island with its amazing wildlife.

What is a Plummet you might wonder? Plummets are cat-like in their appearance with small wings similar to a bat. Unfortunately, these wings are way too small to lift this plump little creature into the air. However, that does not seem to blunt their obsession for attempting to fly. They have a rather glazed expression, which may be the result from landing too many times on their heads. So, the plummet is called a plummet, because it has the strange habit of constantly throwing itself out of trees plummeting to the ground below. That is really quite insane if you think about it. Read more about the Plummet

Do you like the Plummet? You can order your own Plummet print or purchase the original drawing today. The artwork comes matted in a black frame and is ready to hang. Are you interested in reading more about the other fantastic creatures of Stumbly-Boo? Then meet the Treelephant or the Splot

Images of my current work in progress as well as information about ongoing promotions can be found on my Instagram and Facebook page.

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