Andrew Tong Art

Creator. Painter. Illustrator. Fine Art with Fantastic Creatures.


In my shop with Andrew Tong Art you can find a selection of my works currently for sale: original artwork, framed prints, and prints. As an artist, I have always liked to work in a variety of mediums and subject matter. That’s why you will find oil paintings or digital illustrations along with pencil drawings. This is a result of different influences and inspirations I have had over the course of my professional life. I studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the Reigate School of Art, Surrey, England. After that, I took my first steps into different design jobs with varied levels of enthusiasm. From that time in my life I still have my love for layout and typefaces. Much later, after I emigrated to Vancouver, Canada, I worked in the field of decorative arts. Since that time I have been incorporating various techniques into my works, e.g. using gilded or marbled backgrounds. During that time I was being represented by the Elliot Louis Gallery in Vancouver. I had several exhibitions as well as being part of group showings throughout the region and the US.

What painting means for me

However, it was not until I was at least thirty that I came to understand what painting really means for me. I suddenly knew that it could achieve something that no camera could ever achieve. For me, art was to be a means by which a new world could be revealed, a world seen only within my mind. By then, I had become familiar with the works of Otto Dix, Lucian Freud, and above all the Dutch, Flemish and Italian artists of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. More recently, this had brought me to the use of silverpoint drawing with its detailed, soft reflective tones. And this really shows in the imagery of my works. I enjoy bringing my fantastic creatures to life along with their stories.

Also, if you are looking for something specific, I am available for commissions as well. I have more than 20 years experience as a freelance artist with private commission pieces for clients all over the world – from portraits, landscapes, fantasy, illustrative, and more. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas for a quote and any questions or inquiries. If you find an image you like in the shop or throughout the Andrew Tong Art website, but prefer a different medium or want a print, feel free to inquire as well.

Artwork being drawn for the Andrew Tong Art shop