Andrew Tong Art

Creator. Painter. Illustrator. Fine Art with Fantastic Creatures.

The Honeyphant

drawing table with work in progress honeyphant

Learn more about the story behind the painting of the Honeyphant. The Honeyphant is small, the size of a mouse. They are very colourful creatures and possibly related to the elephant fly. Honeyphants have shiny, fly-like wings that can propel Read more…

Meet Edward Summersby – the great explorer of Stumbly-Boo

drawing of young explorer Edward Summersby with red hat, backpack and tiny, flying elephant

I am explorer Edward Summersby, Eddie for my friends. My mother calls me Roger, but she has never been particularly good with names. I am 10 years old and one of my favourite past times is studying animals. In the Read more…

Meet the Flutter Fang

Drawing pink tiny dragon with butterfly on his nose

Read the story behind the drawing of tiny dragon Flutter Fang. The Flutter Fang is an exceedingly small species of dragon about the size of an onion. And some have been known to grow to the size of a larger Read more…

Mermoids and Sand Squabblers

Pencil drawing of mermoid a fish with a face

These drawings show the variety of Mermoids. Mermoids live in the coast waters, rivers, lakes and ponds of Stumbly Boo. Their sizes range from the nail of your thump up to that of an elephant (a big African Elephant, not Read more…

The Plummet

three drawings of different fantasy creatures called plummet

On this fantasy artwork you can see a Plummet. As you might have noticed, I had different versions of what this creature might look like. Plummets are happy little fellows and one of the many, strange species that call the Read more…

A new home

Welcome to the new home for Andrew Tong’s artwork with curiosities & fantasticals.