Andrew Tong Art

Creator. Painter. Illustrator. Fine Art with Fantastic Creatures.


Family photo of wife son dog and artist andrew tong

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Originally from England, I have spent about 20 years in Vancouver, Canada and now live in Germany with my family.

I have been drawing from a young age and nothing delights me more than to invent new animal species, giving them new characteristics, combining and making them nonsensical, silly or slightly eerie. I also enjoy the expression on kids’ and adults’ faces with their reactions to my creations. When I am drawing ever more details every piece of artwork seems to evolve around my main character. Little fantastic creatures, insects, plants, rocks sprout from my pen. And whenever I set out to draw something simple, my mind seems to laugh at my endeavour … and creates the exact opposite.

My pictures want to be discovered, one creature at a time.

I work with a variety of mediums: oils, graphite, acrylics, silverpoint, watercolours, inks. Always looking to bring out the best expression of each material. My background in Graphic Design shows in the composition of many pieces. More recently, I have been experimenting with silverpoint and watercolours. However, I always come back to oils. I love the blending abilities and the natural colours, there is an earthiness to them that other paints do not possess.

Also, as a freelance artist with Andrew Tong Art, I am available for commissions working with oils, pencil and inks. Please feel free to contact me anytime with your ideas for a quote and any questions and inquiries.

Ramona, Technical Support
My wife Ramona has provided me with tons of practical advice not only for building websites, writing newsletters and dealing with computer problems over the years. She has also nudged me along a great deal when I really needed it. If she is not helping me, she likes to blog at mehrlebenskunst about yoga, nature and life at large. Years ago we received a wise white-blue touristy souvenir tile saying: Happiness is being married to a German. I couldn’t agree more.

Max, Creative Director
My son Max approves all my kids’ artwork. Not only has my son been my biggest inspiration to draw more kids stuff. We also have regular doodling sessions together and some of his fantastical creatures I have re-drawn and adapted. He told me a little while ago: Dad, you might be able to draw better than me, but I have more imagination than you do. I do not doubt this for one second, while I am listening to his one-person battle conversations going on in the next room.

White dog owned by artist andrew tong proudly sitting on a door step

Odie, Office Dog
Don’t be fooled by his size and cute looks, he is a wild and vicious beast. Odie loves sausages, actually treats in general, that’s the only time he will ever listen to you. Odie dislikes trucks, vans, busses, skateboards, people staring at him or calling him cute, … you get the idea. Nevertheless he has become an essential part of the family and we love him to bits.

This is a picture of him where he is looking cute and majestic.