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The Splot

Sketch of Splot Andrew Tong Art

Watercolour painting of fantasy creature trying to camouflage with twigs on a tree

The Splot is a curious little chap. He is quite fluffy and blue with bits of brown. The Splot is quite small, about the size of the Pink Tree Elephant. He farts quite loudly too. And it is thought that this is how Splots communicate with each other (nice!).

The Splot is very shy and spends his days up in the GlimGim tree eating the very tasty GlimGim berries, by far his favourite food. However, he doesn’t venture too far up the GlimGim tree as he is afraid of heights.

The only worry a Splot has is the ferocious scary and totally nearly always angry Sabre-toothed Buggle-Bum Tiger who likes nothing more than a fresh Splot in his tummy. But the Splot doesn’t want to be in the tummy of a Sabre-toothed Buggle-Bum Tiger. That’s why he camouflages himself by holding twigs with leaves in his paws, even sticking them up his nose trying to keep very still until the Sabre-toothed Buggle-Bum Tiger has gone.

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