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The Plummet

three drawings of different fantasy creatures called plummet

Drawing of fantasy creature called plummet perched on a blackberry bush

On this drawing you can see a Plummet. As you can see, I had different versions of what this creature might look like. Plummets are happy little fellows and one of the many, strange species that call the island of Stumbly-Boo their home.

Plummets are cat-like in their appearance with small wings similar to a bat. Unfortunately, these wings are way too small to lift this plump little creature into the air. However, that does not seem to blunt their obsession for attempting to fly. They have a rather glazed expression, which may be the result from landing too many times on their heads. So, the plummet is called a plummet, because it has the strange habit of constantly throwing itself out of trees plumeting to the ground below. That is really quite insane if you think about it .

Plummets live in the branches of the Gangleplop trees, where they make intricate nests from the Gangleplop leaves. To attract a mate the male of the species puts his plummeting skills to good use with an elaborate dance display culminating in a final leap off of the tree. Flapping the undersized wings vigorously to stay aloft while nose diving towards the ground. After a quite rugged landing he will dust himself off and climb back up to the prospective mate. Then he will find out whether the alluring display was successful. Or she may wish to repeat the ritual several more times just to make sure he is the right choice. Once the male has recovered from his ordeal the nest building can commence taking up several weeks to complete.

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The Dwarf Treelephant

Elephant hanging off a branch holding on with his trunk pencil drawing

dwarf-treelephant_andrew-tong-art_webThe Dwarf Treelephant is quite small, about the size of a Fuzglob. He spends his days hanging from random trees. But the strange thing is that no-one has ever seen one climb up or for that matter climb down from a tree. He just hangs from a branch with his little trunk.

We think they wait until no-one is looking before going up and down the tree. Or there is another elephant helping them up and down when no-one is looking. Who is to know..

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The Splot

Sketch of Splot Andrew Tong Art

Watercolour painting of fantasy creature trying to camouflage with twigs on a tree

The Splot is a curious little chap. He is quite fluffy and blue with bits of brown. The Splot is quite small, about the size of the Pink Tree Elephant. He farts quite loudly too. And it is thought that this is how Splots communicate with each other (nice!).

The Splot is very shy and spends his days up in the GlimGim tree eating the very tasty GlimGim berries, by far his favourite food. However, he doesn’t venture too far up the GlimGim tree as he is afraid of heights.

The only worry a Splot has is the ferocious scary and totally nearly always angry Sabre-toothed Buggle-Bum Tiger who likes nothing more than a fresh Splot in his tummy. But the Splot doesn’t want to be in the tummy of a Sabre-toothed Buggle-Bum Tiger. That’s why he camouflages himself by holding twigs with leaves in his paws, even sticking them up his nose trying to keep very still until the Sabre-toothed Buggle-Bum Tiger has gone.

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