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Mermoids and Sand Squabblers

Pencil drawing of mermoid a fish with a face
Pencil drawing of mermoids which are fishes with human faces in the water
Friendly Mermoids
Pencil drawing of friendly mermoid with arms
Angel Mermoid in the waters of Stumbly Boo island

These drawings show the variety of Mermoids. Mermoids live in the coast waters, rivers, lakes and ponds of Stumbly Boo. Their sizes range from the nail of your thump up to that of an elephant (a big African Elephant, not a Dwarf Treelephant or a rare Whalephant). They live off seaweed and other water plants. Mermoid faces are almost human-like in appearance and seem to show many expressions: happiness, laughter, sadness, anger, fear and even boredom. Their bodies can be very colourful depending on the species.

I have come across two types of mermoids– ones with fins on the sides and ones with arms. I actually observed them using their arms to crawl ashore. My favourites are the Angel Mermoids for their friendly peaceful manner and their sail-like fins which almost look like wings. They are rainbow-coloured and enjoy to be held in the palm of your hand to tickle their tummy.

Pencil drawing of grumpy mermoid which is a fish with a grumpy face with dangly light on his head and arms

Sand Squabblers

Usually mermoids live in communities of a dozen up to about 100 individuals. The only ones living in solitude are the Sand Squabblers. This is a special kind of mermoid that is very grumpy looking, quite ill-tempered by nature. They like to keep away from any noise and other creatures unless they want to eat them and will give you a nasty nip if you get too close for their liking.

A Sand Squabbler has a little dangly light hanging right in front of its spiky teeth. These lights attract tiny fish and if they are not fast enough the Sand Squabbler snatches them for dinner. However, they are not the best at catching fish and are hungry most of the time. That is probably why, they look so miserable.

All mermoids seem to live just as comfortably on land as in the water. In good weather they can be spotted basking in the sun on river banks and shorelines. This is one of their favourite past times. It seems to intensify and shade the colours of their fins.

Do you like the Mermoids?

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