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Meet the Flutter Fang

Drawing pink tiny dragon with butterfly on his nose

Read the story behind the drawing of tiny dragon Flutter Fang.

The Flutter Fang is an exceedingly small species of dragon about the size of an onion. And some have been known to grow to the size of a larger onion. They are very tame and seem to really like the company of people. This tiny dragon will quite happily sit on your hand and let you stare at them for up to an hour. After that, the Flutter Fang will start to get nervous with a sudden onset of hiccups and flames. That is how I lost my eyebrows the first time…

Their scales have a beautiful red colour with black stripes. The best time to see them is in the morning. Entire families of tiny dragons can be found fluttering over the small lakes and ponds of Stumbly-Boo catching flies for breakfast.

Tiny dragon = tiny fire?

Like most dragons they breath fire – hence my scorched eyebrows – and due to their small size and friendliness they are handy to have around. Especially for those cold nights in the wilderness when you can light your campfire with them and cook a nice, hot meal. All you must do, is holding one close to your kindling and give the dragon a little squeeze. A small flame will pop out of its mouth and light up the campfire. One word of warning though: Do not squeeze them too tight. Instead of a small flame you are more likely to cause the poor creature to shoot out a six-foot torrent of fire. This is how I lost my eyebrows the second time. And hair, and tent.

Do you like the dragon Flutter Fang?

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