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Meet Edward Summersby – the great explorer of Stumbly-Boo

drawing of young explorer Edward Summersby with red hat, backpack and tiny, flying elephant

I am explorer Edward Summersby, Eddie for my friends. My mother calls me Roger, but she has never been particularly good with names. I am 10 years old and one of my favourite past times is studying animals. In the picture below I am with my pet Snoggle Bird winning first prize at the annual village pet show. I am an explorer coming from a long line of explorers. I have always been interested in discovering more of the wonderful world around me.

Explorer Edward Summersby with his pet Snoogle bird
Edward Summersby and his Snoggle bird

Exploring a land far far away

I have taken up the call of the explorer to find new and exotic lands. Luckily, my grandmother Elsie gave me permission to use Doris, her airship. I started out by exploring not so remote places that had been explored before, just to get a feel for it – like Belgium. I did not find any undiscovered wildlife. But I did come back home after my first trip with some delicious near extinct soft cheeses and handmade chocolate. Yum! Then I explored already explored places, which had not been mentioned in textbooks. They simply were not interesting enough.

Then eventually, when school was out for the summer, I set out to visit the fantastical island of Stumbly-Boo. You must know, the Island of Stumbly-Boo is home to animals too silly to exist. My granny had told me so many tales of this place, I have always wanted to see it. So here I was, landing on Stumbly-Boo for an extended visit, with my trusted companion Natty. More about him another time.

More about Edward Summersby

Over time, I have drawn different versions of Edward Summersby, the explorer. I could not decide for the longest time how old he should be. But I quite like the idea now of this independent little boy following in the footsteps in the long line of explorers. Fearlessly discovering the world far away from home.

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