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The Honeyphant

drawing table with work in progress honeyphant

Learn more about the story behind the painting of the Honeyphant.

Colourful flying honeyphant

The Honeyphant is small, the size of a mouse. They are very colourful creatures and possibly related to the elephant fly. Honeyphants have shiny, fly-like wings that can propel these creatures forward at very fast speeds. Their fur comes in many different colours with varying stripey patterns. The Honephants live in pairs and nest in any safe spot with shelter from the wind and rain, preferably close to a Bumble Bear hive.

If you can sit very still on a meadow in the sunshine and stretch out the palm of your hand with a sugar cube, you might get one or two to land. Because, Honeyphants have a voracious appetite for all things sweet.

Honey for the Honeyphant

One of their favourite pastimes is raiding the nests of the Bumble Bear to quench their thirst for honey since they simply find it irresistible. Honestly, this is the best source for honey on Stumbly-Boo. It is a bit of a squeeze for the Honeyphant as they are about twice as big as a Bumble Bear.

During the day Bumble Bears are very busy gathering pollen to make honey. So, by the time evening comes, they are very tired and fall into a deep sleep. The Honeyphants then seize this opportunity to creep into Bumble Bears’ nests. Using their trunks the Honeyphants drink from the honeycomb all the while trying not to get too excited with all the sugar and happiness they feel while doing that.

Even when the Bumble Bear should wake up, they can not do much about their visitors. The Honeyphants can make an easy escape being able to fly quite a bit faster especially with all that sugar in their bodies.

Your very own Honeyphant painting

Do you like the Honeyphant? You can order your own artwork today. (Note to self: I don’t always have to draw 20 million tiny hairs on everything.) The original artwork comes matted in a black frame and is ready to hang. I also have prints of the Honeyphant and the Bumble Bear available.

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