Andrew Tong Art

Creator. Painter. Illustrator. Fine Art with Fantastic Creatures.


Fluffy bear-like fantasy creature perched on a branch

My name is Andrew M. Tong. Originally from England, I now live in Germany with my family. This is my online portfolio, blog and shop. So I invite you to browse my curiosity shop with original artworks, prints and t-shirts for sale.

I have been drawing from a young age and nothing delights me more than to invent new animal species, giving them new characteristics, combining them and making them nonsensical or silly. And I enjoy the astounded expression on kids and adults faces and their reactions to my creations. When I am drawing ever more details every piece of artwork seems to evolve around my main character. Little fantastic creatures, insects, plants, rocks sprout from my pen. And whenever I set out to draw something simple, my mind seems to laugh at my endeavour … and creates the exact opposite.

My pictures want to be discovered, one creature at a time.

Also, I am available for artwork commissions working with oils, pencil and inks. Please feel free to contact me anytime with your ideas for a quote and any questions and inquiries.

– Andrew Tong