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Welcome to Andrew Tong Art!

My name is Andrew Martin Tong and I work as a freelance artist. I invite you to browse through my gallery, story blog, and shop. Also, I am available for artwork commissions. Please feel free to contact me anytime with your ideas for a quote as well as any questions or inquiries.


I have always had a passion for drawing and painting, receiving my first set of paints from the Santa in the Allders department store in Croydon, England. Back then, I remember, not being overjoyed as all I really wanted was some toy soldiers or a Lego set. But it seems that Santa knew a thing or two, because I still paint. More


In the shop you can find a selection of artworks: oil paintings, pencil drawings, illustrations, prints, mixed media. Most of theses are available for sale. When indicated, the piece is available framed and ready to hang. You will see, I work in a variety of mediums: oils, graphite, acrylics, silverpoint, watercolours, inks. If you come across something you like that is currently not available, please inquire about a commission piece. More


In the gallery I put together a small selection of the artwork that I produced over the last years. Lately, my subject matter has focused more on my fantastic and whimsical creatures which I greatly enjoy. And there is a story behind many of these animals that step-by-step will find their way into the blog. It might take a while though. More

drawing of alien creature with long antennas and big teeth sitting on a mushroom Andrew Tong Art


Have you ever heard about the plight of the Pink Dwarf Treelephant? Or do you know what a Mermoid is? And what about the Splot? If you would like to meet them, head on over to my blog. Because, once in a while I manage to put down the stories whirling around in my head. If you subscribe to receive the updates, you will know when I do. More


I would be happy to hear from you with any comments, feedback or inquiries about my work on Andrew Tong Art. To contact me, you can drop me a line, call, or make an appointment to view my artwork in person. Also, if you can not wait to read the story of one of my creatures, speed me along with a request.